Some delicious Mexican food you need to have right now!

Well, well, well! Here is the most expected topic that I have been getting requests to write about! Some of the delicious Mexican cuisine I have personally tried and loved.


These are just the combo of Cheese Enchiladas served with Grilled Steak. The steak is mesquite-grilled and is also served with roasted red-chile tomatillo salsa and the Enchiladas are hand-rolled and come with carne.

These Ranchiladas are the trademark of On the Border restaurants and you should not miss this when you have your  lunch or dinner next time.

Visit this link for on the border menu


This is a famous breakfast dish that you probably would not have tried. The dish comes with light fried corn tortillas topped with salsa and is cut in four quarters while served. What impresses in this dish is the fried eggs and pulled chicken that is added to the top along with cream and cheese. 


A dish that has its origin traced back to Aztecs, Tamales is prepared from Corn dough which are stuffed with fillings and wrapped in corn husks. The fillings can be meat, fruits, vegetables or more. 

Beyond Meat Nachos

This is just a twist to the otherwise regular Nachos. Instead of the usual toppings like Chicken, Meat or others. The Nachos is filled with the usual black beans, Queso, Sour Cream and Pico de gallo along with Beyond Meat. Beyond meat is a registered trademark of Taco Cabana which is a plant-based meat alternative that is free from gluten or GMOs and is so popular and healthy for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Visit here for taco cabana menu


This is a soup that you get in very few restaurants. Pozole is an American version of Mexican soup where the soup is foam-like and made from Maize kernels that provide a little sweet flavor. The soup also consists of Pork or Beef which balances the sweet taste and gives a great balanced taste.

Tacos Al Pastor

These are normal Tacos but served Shepherd Style. The tortillas are soft and the fillings are well seasoned and the garnish is made with cilantro leaves. The meat fillings are usually pork shoulder or lamb but sometimes bacon or pork sirloin is also used.